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Colostomy Vs Ileostomy

Looking for feedback from those who have ileostomies and especially anyone who had a colostomy that was changed to an ileostomy.

A little over 6 years ago I got a permanent colostomy. But now my gastro doctor said because of a bad stricture and polops in my bowel he is recommending to my colon surgeon that it be made into an ileostomy with most of my bowel removed–right now I have about 40% of my bowel left.


Anything in particular, any suggestions or ideas you have that will help me adjust to an ileostomy?

In particular I also want to know:

Am I likely to lose weight with more of my bowel removed?

Will the ileostomy be less noisy, less gassey, than the colostomy?

Will I have trouble with medication, pills, not fully digesting with less bowel?

Will I have more skin issues, leaking and such with the ileostomy?

I have Crohn’s Disease with no signs of the disease in my small bowel. By getting rid of most of my large bowel am I less likely to have Crohn’s issues in the future?

Anything else I should know?

Much thanks for your thoughts and feedback!

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Colostomy Vs Ileostomy

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